Learn disaster preparedness at home with The Dallas Morning News, SBP, and Toyota

by FWD>DFW | June 19, 2019

The recent spike of severe summer storms in North Texas, coupled with the more than 200 tornadoes that have affected our nation in the past few weeks, has brought keen attention to the issue of disaster preparedness in our community — and beyond.

In light of these weather events, Grant Moise, president and publisher of The Dallas Morning News, recently hosted a Facebook Live to discuss tips to help prepare everyone before a disaster strikes.

Joining Grant was Elizabeth Egle, chief development officer from national non-profit SBP, which focuses on disaster preparedness, disaster response, and recovery, and Mike Goss, general manager of social innovation at Toyota.

With nonprofits including SBP, Toyota is translating their industry expertise — their “secret sauce” — on how to maximize efficiency and processes not only for recovery efforts like home rebuilding but also for volunteer coordination, food distribution, and more.

During the discussion, SBP recommended some critical things to think about before a disaster, including:

  • Create a photo/video inventory of your home and valuables
  • Back up important documents in the cloud
  • Contact your insurance agent about flood insurance
  • Build a disaster supplies kit with petty cash, food, water, flashlights, and more
  • Print out a written list of important contacts
  • Identify your safest spot for shelter from tornadoes or strong winds
  • Designate a few emergency meeting places and share with friends and family

To learn more, we invite you to watch this important conversation.

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